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Tarleton Social. Designing Moments. Delivering unparalleled event experiences in the New York/New Jersey and Washington, D.C. Metropolitan areas & Aspen, Colorado.


Who does she think she is, anyway?

My entertaining style in three words....."classic, comfortable, lighthearted."
Most trusted cookbook...."funny enough, I have gotten the most use out of Southern Living's SEC Tailgate Cookbook! I think because the recipes are meant to fill you up, be easy to prep and transportable."
You'll never leave one of my parties without....."feeling at ease, pampered and like you want to live it all over again!"
Where I got my love of entertaining from....."is attributed to my late godmother, Mimi. She was the epitome of hospitality.  Her belief was 'the more the merrier', and as soon as you set foot at her house, you were treated like family and welcomed with grace. Mimi hosted the best 4th of July parties each year (which is probably why it is my favorite holiday) that had a guest list that included everyone, featured dozens of homemade dishes, and gave you an wonderful sense of belonging. Whether I realized it then or not, these parties would have a lasting effect on me; I strive to make every guest, at every event I am involved in, feel comfortable in whatever way that is unique to their personality. It is a great privilege to be tasked with someone's enjoyment."
My favorite sport...."How about of each season? Let's start with the fall: I spend my Sundays rooting for the New York Football Giants. When the temperatures dip, I am truly in my element, I love the cold weather! There's nothing more freeing to me than skiing and feeling connected to nature.  As for the warmer months, I grew up playing lacrosse and later had the opportunity to coach young girls after my career was over, which like my experience in ski instructing, opened a whole new perspective to me on the importance of sports in a young person's life." 
I can't travel without...."my SLR camera, which I nicknamed my 'big girl' camera. I have always enjoyed taking photos, and I definitely wasted a lot of film as a kid with hasty shots, but I really came to enjoy pursuing photography when I lived in Aspen, Colorado, when I invested in an SLR camera. Suddenly my photographs were much more reflective of my eye. Documenting my travels with this camera has produced many of my favorite mementos."
My signature dish...."on account of the sheer volume of requests, it would be my Bourbon Pecan Chocolate pie. I make it every year in honor of the Kentucky Derby."
My favorite city where TS isn't based...."is a tie between Denver and Charleston. Both cities are emblematic for incredible natural beauty, outdoors-focused lifestyle, good food, and tremendous people."
 Lexy's shadow & alarm clock: Callie, her one year old Welsh Springer Spaniel.

Lexy's shadow & alarm clock: Callie, her one year old Welsh Springer Spaniel.

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